To enable families to do some Christmas holiday planning, Dean would like to let you know his plans for Intermediate swim training during those holidays....

State titles - Saturday 13th December to Friday 19th December 2014

Please note, all swimmers are expected to train up until Friday 19th December even if they have completed racing on an earlier date / day.

Holidays - Saturday 20th to Sunday 28th December 2014

3 days introduction - Aerobic:

Monday 29th December 2014 - 6-8:30am; 3-5:30pm

Tuesday 30th December 2014 - 6-8:30am; 3-5:30pm

Wednesday 31st December 2014 - 7-10am

Thursday 1st January 2015 - No training


Start of HELL MONTH!

Friday 2nd January 2015 - 6-9:30am; 2:30-6pm

Saturday 3rd January 2015 - 6-9:30am; 2:30-6pm